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Dental assistant assisting with CEREC technology to make dental crowns at Poleski Family Dentistry.Dental crowns are known to enhance your oral health and aesthetically make your smile pretty. Whether you suffer from tooth decay or a fracture or even undergo normal tooth restoration, a dental crown might be one of the first suggestions that a professional would recommend.

If you are looking to restore your smile and you have no time in hand, then you could consider getting a CEREC dental crown which is known as a same day dental crown. Sometimes people are pressed for time because they have work commitments or because they need to attend a public function which cannot be done without the right dental crown in place. If you have any such problems and you are looking to get a dental crown quickly, then you can visit Poleski Family Dentistry to learn more about the CEREC dental crown.

Understanding the CEREC Dental Crown

A CEREC dental crown is also known as a same day crown and this crown is fitted on your tooth the very same day you visit our dental clinic. This is a modern dental technology and is extremely effective in cases where you are pressed for time and you simply cannot wait. This crown is designed using 3D technology and you will manage to get your tooth restored quickly.

Whether you have a broken tooth or a cracked tooth, this crown works perfectly and helps to restore your smile. Although some people believe that these crowns are not as long lasting as the traditional crowns, the truth is that this CEREC crown is just as effective and when you have good oral hygiene you do not need to worry about replacing this crown for a long time.

Less Invasive

The best part about a CEREC crown is that it is less invasive in comparison to a traditional crown. This simply means that when you come in for a traditional crown we need to do a lot of drilling and you will lose a lot of your tooth for the crown to fit properly. With CEREC crowns, the measurement is more convenient and you manage to keep a lot of your actual tooth. This makes it really convenient for people who do not want to lose the majority of their tooth just because they need to fit a crown. Crowns also help to protect your tooth against further decay or infections and it keeps your mouth and your gums healthy.

Although some people believe that CEREC crowns cost a lot of money, you should know that this crown is cost-effective and with the help of the right professional you will not need to worry about visiting your dentist over and over again for various dental procedures. The best part is that it is durable and you'll be able to enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry about the crown coming off. If you want to get a CEREC crown fitted instantly then give us a call on 412 813-3131 so you can book an appointment or you can drop in at Poleski Family Dentistry and leave with your CEREC crown fitted perfectly.

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Are you looking to restore your smile and you have no time? You could consider getting a CEREC dental crown which is known as a same day dental crown! 🦷
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