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Dentistry for Kids

Dentist performing dental exam on little girlDental care for children is crucial and although a lot of parents believe that children do not need to get their teeth examined regularly, this is something that you should give serious thought to. As soon as your child gets their first tooth, it is essential for you to introduce optimum levels of oral hygiene to ensure that their teeth are strong and the gums are free from any infection. If you are not too sure about what you need to do in order to maintain good oral hygiene for your children, then drop in at Poleski Family Dentistry and we will guide you with regards to the effective measures that need to be taken for your child to have a beautiful smile.

Special Care for Your Child's Teeth

Parents need to be after their children to maintain good oral hygiene and this includes regular brushing and cleaning of the mouth. Although parents sometimes get very concerned about dental cleaning, they often forget that children have a different dental structure and different problems in comparison to adults. This is why we have professionals specifically dedicated to pediatric dentistry. This means your child is taken care of by someone who is trained to look at children's teeth.

Children's teeth keep changing till they reach 18 years of age and that's when they obtain dental maturity. Until then it is essential to visit a pediatric dentist because they understand the importance of dentistry for children and also how children can take good care of their teeth. The chances of children's tooth decay are rather high because children tend to prefer sweeter things more. The good thing about children's dentistry is that younger children who haven't got permanent teeth yet do not need to worry about the first set of teeth which will fall off.

Early Training

Training your child from a young age is definitely beneficial because it won't disturb their routine and they will be able to tend to their teeth problems more effectively. Not looking after your child's dental hygiene could invite a host of problems such as tooth infections and sensitivity along with gum diseases. Although a lot of people believe that gum diseases are common, poor hygiene definitely increases the chances of these diseases, even in children, and once it starts, it makes it difficult even for permanent teeth to stay healthy and strong.

This can also help children deal with various orthodontic problems, including alignment of the teeth and the need for braces if needed. Just as adults, children also should make sure that they visit a dental office like ours at least twice a year, so they have healthy teeth and all of their dental problems are taken care of. You can give us a call at 412 813-3131 to learn more about pediatric dentistry and how we can benefit your child's oral health. You can also bring your child in for a visit to Poleski Family Dentistry to meet our caring and warm doctors who will help your child get better oral health and maintain good oral hygiene.
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