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Set of full dentures on a white backgroundThere are various techniques people use in order to restore their smile when they suffer from tooth loss. One of the most popular techniques happens to be dentures. Contrary to popular belief, dentures work just as effectively to restore partial tooth loss as it does for complete tooth loss. It is effective and long lasting and while people believe that they do not serve the purpose well, the truth is that when fitted correctly dentures are just as effective as dental implants. If you want to learn how dentures can benefit you then you can visit Poleski Family Dentistry to consider getting this dental procedure.

Dentures Less Invasive

Although there are various new trends and technologies available in the dental industry, dentures still happen to be a safer choice for many people. If you are a diabetic patient and invasive procedures are something that is not recommended for you, then dentures will come in very handy because you don't have to worry about too much drilling or blood loss. Dentures are safe and they are fitted simply with the assistance of your existing tooth in case of partial denture or with the help of your jaw structure when it comes to complete dentures.
These days, dentures are designed in a particular manner for them to stay fit into your mouth. Sometimes dentures are also hooked on dental implants that are placed in the corners of your mouth. With dentures in place, they prevent you from suffering from confidence loss or the fear of your dentures coming off.

Dentures Help to Protect Facial Structure

One of the best things about getting dentures is that it will help your bone structure stay intact and preserve the way your face looks. When people end up losing teeth, it leads to jaw deterioration over a period of time and this makes it difficult for you to look at yourself in the mirror without feeling sorry for yourself.

Dentures help protect your facial structure by keeping your jaw in place. This is a great way to ensure that you do not have any major facial changes even after major tooth loss. Every denture is customized to fit your mouth perfectly and this helps to keep your smile intact. Dentures also help you to look your actual age rather than looking older just because of the absent teeth.

You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Foods While Wearing Dentures

When you get dentures, you no longer have to worry about what you eat or the fact that you will hurt your gums while chewing food. These days, dentures are designed for you to enjoy eating hard and soft food just as comfortably as you would enjoy a meal with your real teeth. There is no need for you to worry about being self-conscious because dentures these days do not come off and cause embarrassment in public.

If you want to learn more about partial or complete dentures and how you can benefit from them, then all you need to do is give us a call at 412 813-3131. You can also visit Poleski Family Dentistry to see the different kinds of dentures we have available and how they can help you better.

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