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Tooth Extraction

Young woman holding cheek due to tooth ache while dentist prepares for tooth extractionTooth extraction is usually recommended for people who have damaged teeth. The procedure is most likely to be advised if you have serious dental issues and the tooth is not in a condition to be salvaged. Although a lot of people are very reserved with regards to tooth extraction, sometimes this procedure could be highly beneficial and after placing an implant for a dental crown you can restore full functionality of the extracted tooth. If you have queries about how the extraction works and whether or not you are an ideal candidate for an extraction procedure you can come visit Poleski Family Dentistry to learn more about how long it will take to heal and the benefits that it has to offer.

Extractions Prevent the Spread of Tooth Decay and Infection

Tooth decay in certain cases results in infections that are difficult to treat. Sometimes it affects the teeth so badly that there is nothing left to service and the only way you can prevent further infection is by extraction of the tooth. The most commonly extracted teeth are the wisdom tooth because they never come out completely and always become painful. Ignoring extraction of a wisdom tooth would mean overcrowding of the mouth and difficulties in chewing your food. This also results in poor dental hygiene and it gets difficult to clean your mouth effectively.

Overcrowding often results in food particles getting stuck in the overcrowded area and this will result in infection and tooth decay. This decay is usually difficult to treat and extraction is highly recommended. The extraction not only helps you to have the proper number of teeth in your mouth, there is no overcrowding. Overcrowding also causes gum diseases which are difficult to treat and extraction may help prevent this situation from occurring.

Although wisdom tooth extraction is a popular form of extraction, in certain situations, even your molars and other teeth could be severely infected and may require extraction. In these situations one can always place an implant, and a crown or a cap over the extracted tooth so that you can use the tooth to chew food. It also helps to restore the aesthetic appearance of the tooth and if you feel that with extraction you will not be able to smile confidently, then this is something you shouldn't worry about because these days you can now get natural looking teeth fitted.

One Day Procedure

Tooth extraction is a one day procedure and you don't really have to worry about maintaining the wound for a long time. Medications are typically given to you and help you get treated within 3 to 4 days. Placing aan implant in the extracted area may require some more time. You should ideally give the area at least a month to heal properly so that the gum is in the right shape and there is no inflammation whatsoever.

If you want to learn about extractions and how you can benefit from one, then you can give us a call on 412 813-3131. You can also visit Poleski Family Dentistry to see what kind of dental veneers we have on offer to help restore your smile completely after an extraction.

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